Fideelia Signe Roots

2015, Tallinn and Tartu (Estonia)

I am an interdisciplinary artist. Many of my works grow out of my feminist standpoint. I have worked on national and gender identity, ageing, artists’ social issues and so on. My ideas often take a form of absurdity and conceptualism. Sometimes the result will be site specific or a guerrilla art. I haven’t got a favorite medium. I choose tools from my toolbox according to the situation. During last few years I have been involved in several teaching projects. I worked as voluntary art teacher at Tallinn Prison and and I have been successfully teaching guerrilla postering and gender related art at Estonian Academy of Arts.

My projects include performance Angst where I walked 161 km bare breasted for women’s right and artistic research Woman as a Heroine, where I explore the female hero representation mainly in Estonian mythology and history. This is my PhD project at Academy of Arts. 2012 I made one year performance Drift where I stopped making art and watching art for one year and studied at confectionery school during that time.

Realized during an Artist in Residence stay at Trükimuuseum in Tartu, Estonia (February 2015).